USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) Diver's Contact PageLSD-32 Underway ca 1981

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Some pertinent information from Cap'n Scott Green, USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) shipmate, and advanced diver:
The "Grove" kinda sits bow to NNW and stern SSE. It's 134' to the sand, and only part of the flight deck is on the bottom....I think just the after part. It must have come off when they attached the lift bags to her. Here is the deal...the current hits her about in the middle, then splits fore and aft. So when you are fighting the current going forward, all of a sudden you're flying toward the bow! Capt. Craig says that sometimes there is an effect that he calls "white striping" where the current hits the bow section and causes an eddy. This sucks the sand up in a tornadic action and zooms it forward that carries the sand up and away. This is visible from the surface and extends about 3/4 of a mile. This is when you really don't want to dive it!

USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) Diver

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Acosta, Eladio


Caridakis, George A.

Cunningham, Bill

Cusick, Tina & John

Dorney, Mike (crewmember)

Dunn, Wesley

Geni, Mike

Goldfield, David A.

Hammen, Tom

McCarty, Jack

McGarva, Don & Jan (dive charter boat owners!)

McNeal, Rob

Ramsey, Rick

Rosenthal, Dave
(Director of Dive Ops - Kelly's on the Bay/Aqua-Nut Divers)

Slate, Spencer

Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center

Spialter, Howard

Werneth, Wyatt        

Whyte, Stephen T.

Townsend, Bjorn

What diver's will see: port and starboard cranes laying down, NO mast - this has been cut into 3 sections and as of
5-15-02 is still in the shipyard in VA. The 3"50's are gone, too. The wood in the welldeck is intact as are her engines. The radars are removed, but several telephone/commercial sets remain in their original positions. Several 4'x4' sportprises will be cut into the ship's cabins to allow diver access. Lower decks are to be sealed off for safety reasons - this will still allow access to several other decks (mainly the O1-O3 levels) and interior compartments that were once above the water line.

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