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Here are some photos sent to me by fellow sailors and others, and to each of them, I thank you VERY much!!

More to follow...

Thanks to Bill Fair! Thanks to Bill Fair!
Golden Shellback! Thanks to Bill Fair!   Thanks to GMG2 Rouse!
Thanks to GMG2 Rouse!  Thanks to GMG2 Rouse!

Flag over Pri-Fly; Courtesy of Diver Tom Hammen 2014

Got a great Spiegel Grove pic to post? Send it to me & I'll get it online! Thanks!

William Wojtecki's photos

Jerry Callam's photos

Gabe Maravetz' photos

George Waterhouse's photos

Walter DeVoe's photos

LCpl Steve Garland's photos

Paul Swanson's photos

Gene Magda's photos

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